Redesigning async communication for remote work.

Building awareness is the hardest part of remote work. We're rethinking from the ground up how remote teams communicate and cultivate progress.

In an office, there's a vibe. A natural setting that puts everything in context. People are swimming in information (for better or worse). Momentum, innovation, progress—feel more tangible.

Tools like Slack were made to supplement in-office communications by streamlining information overload. They start to fall down however when shoe-horned into becoming a team's primary communication channel.

When working remote, sharing and acquiring new information is deliberate. It takes effort, often requiring over-communication. Video calls and synchronous chat are still essential tools in the toolbox for most. But what about your team's daily, ongoing communication cadence?

Instead of relying on skeumorphic digital experiences that poorly replicate the vibe in an office, what would it look like to lean in fully to the benefits of remote / async communication?


Async-first communication - Everyone works differently, has different schedules, life requirements, optimal workflows, peaks and downtimes. Working asynchronously respects that diversity. It optimizes for individual determination and minimal distractions.

If your team is working in different places, it means you are working in different times too.


Prioritize reading and writing - Most guides on remote work emphasize the importance of writing, but reading comprehension is every bit as crucial and is rarely talked about.

Reading and writing are the input/output of async communication. Both need be given space to flourish and incentivized through training, skill-development, best practices etc.


Living documentation - How do you surface relevant information from 3 days ago? 2 months ago? It shouldn't be difficult to quickly get the tldr; of what happened, eg. after coming back from vacation.

As the volume of information grows, so too does the need for teams to actively document, curate, and cultivate their knowledge.


Trust in process - "Showing up" in a remote team means more than just being online. It means building trust with a consistent, transparent process.

This process defines how teams learn and improve, so that everyone can see where you are, where you've been, and where you're going.


Culture of progress - Everyone wants to contribute to something greater than themselves. With remote teams, the best cultures come from celebrating progress at every level. From small daily wins to the insights and understandings that form the basis for real innovation.

These are our requirements for the future of remote work.

We're building Slog to make it infinitely easier for async teams to share progress and build awareness. Easier to build off each other and create a culture of progress from anywhere.

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